Grotta di Fumane

Discover the Fumane Cave: a journey between Neanderthals and Homo sapiens. Guided tours and educational workshops await you.


Fumane Cave is one of the most important prehistoric archaeological sites in Europe. The rich evidence found in its fill deposits provides exceptional clues about life, technology, and symbolic behavior in Valpolicella for over 170,000 years, such as traces of ornaments made with the feathers of birds of prey by Neanderthals and the extraordinary Shaman Stone of the early Homo sapiens. Located in the Venetian Prealps, the Cave is internationally known for its exceptional deposits, over ten meters thick, which recount human life in its technological, cultural, and symbolic aspects for over 150,000 years. The sediments have recorded the transition from Neanderthal man to Sapiens man, and the transition from the Musterian culture of the former to the first cultures (Uluzzian and Aurignacian) of the latter, capturing one of the most significant and fascinating moments of human evolution on the national territory.

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Need to book to visit the cave?
Yes, reservations are required to visit the cave. You can make the reservation online by this site.

How much is the ticket?
For all of the information about the rates and reductions, click here.

Who is entitled to gratuity?
Free admission is valid for persons with disabilities + the companion.

In how much time you visit the cave?
The visit lasts, on average, between 50 and 60 minutes.

You can park near the cave?
The cave has a limited parking in two parking spaces, reserved for people with mobility problems. We recommend that you park in the car park in the gravel at the Trattoria Chesini and enjoy a 10-minute walk to reach the cave.

Dogs can enter?
The entrance is allowed only dogs accompanying persons with disabilities and animals for pet therapy, for reasons of security and preservation.

You can take pictures and video inside of the cave?
Yes, you can take pictures and video inside of the PaleoCenter that of the cave, without the use of professional equipment in order not to compromise the integrity of the sites.

It's cold in the cave?
The temperature in the cave varies depending on the season: this may be cooler in the winter and spring months and warmer during the summer.

The cave is accessible to people in wheelchairs or with mobility difficulties, serious?
At the moment, the cave is not accessible to people moving in a wheelchair due to the presence of steps on the metal.

There are conventions and/or tickets?
You can buy a combined ticket with the Parco delle Cascate di Molina.

How should I dress?
It is not required a particular outfit, but it is suggested to wear comfortable clothes and sneakers.

There is a shop?
Yes, in the PaleoCenter there is a small shop with publications and souvenirs.

There are bathrooms?
Yes, there are two bathrooms in the PaleoCenter, one of which is accessible to people with mobility problems.

There are public transport links that lead to the cave?
No, the cave is not accessible by public transport.

You can eat the inside of the cave?
No, it is not allowed to consume food and drinks inside the cave.

There are restaurants near the Cave of Smoke?
Yes, the restaurant Chesini is located a few minutes away from the cave and offers convenient parking in front of the restaurant.


It is available in the parking space in front of the Trattoria Valsorda. It then continues with a walk following the road for about 10 minutes. In the case of motor difficulty are available in two parking spaces near the property (to be notified in advance via email). Also add the geolocation google to the car park (Via Ca’ Gottolo 12A 37022 Fumane)


For tickets with Parco delle cascate, check opening hours and how to access to the park of the falls at the following link: